Rustic Sedgefield the ideal place to escape the hustle

SITUATED along the Garden Route between George and Knysna is the coastal town of Sedgefield. Originally a farm, Sedgefield has become a popular holiday destination and prime real estate for those looking for a laid-back, rustic village atmosphere.

Chris van der Merwe, broker/ owner of RE/MAX Lakes, says: "Sedgefield is the ideal location for buyers who want a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas. The town's motto is a place where 'the tortoise sets the pace' and locals have truly taken this motto to heart."

According to Van der Merwe, there are homes in the area to suit buyers from all walks of life as property in the area is made up of 60.81% freehold homes, 11.84% sectional title units and 27.35% estates. He says buyers in the area have followed the trend of purchasing homes within estates due to the security.

Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, says estate living has become a global trend popular among South African consumers.

"Many South African's want to live in homes that provide them with both a great lifestyle offering and security – and more often than not, estate living provides both.

Van der Merwe says the Sandpiper Nature Reserve and Beach Estate in Sedgefield takes the concept of estate living to a new level. The estate overlooking the Indian Ocean and the Sedgefield River mouth consists of 24 vacant stands that can be purchased directly from the developer. The new homebuyers will then be able to design their own full-title property within the specified architectural guidelines.

"The vision was to integrate a residential estate into this beautiful environment with minimal impact on the surroundings, which is why the homes need to be built in accordance with certain criteria. Each home will be individually designed to meet the homeowner's requirements. However, each architectural plan will need to aesthetically blend in with the estate's design style.

"An analysis of the property and its surroundings, such as the steep dunes, proximity to the ocean and winds, were all assessed and applied to the design principles to ensure a sense of harmony within the development.

"The homes in the estate will be built using locally sourced natural materials to ensure the buildings blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings. Care will also be taken to ensure that during the building process there will be minimal impact on the environment."

The development is spread over nearly 14 hectares, of which a major portion will be left undisturbed and registered as a nature reserve.

Essentially emphasis is on the ecology and preservation of nature, with as little environmental disturbance as possible.

Each property will be around 600m² in size, with a stand costing R1.2-million and upwards, depending on its location within the estate.