Bit of angling paradise worth trek

THERE are only two ways to live your life. One as though nothing in life is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle" – Albert Einstein (1900-1955)

Creation is a miracle without doubt. "The chicken and the egg theory". We have been tasked with that custodianship and history has proven we are in dire straits.

The reversal of impact is virtually impossible but controls can be set in place to save total destruction. It is these very controls and the acceptance of these controls that are what really needs consensus if we are to succeed in the end.

The vision and wisdom fails most of us who use the argument: "When that time comes it won't be my problem; I'll be long gone!" We have really progressed beyond that argument and the only duty we have is to act now as it will happen in our lifetime! The Kiano Satu disaster is yet another painful lesson in our journey on this earth.

It will affect angling spots along our south coast for months to come if this oil cannot be contained.

Tremendous effort and resources have already been actioned to prevent the spread of oil.

The forced sinking of the vessel in deep water may not deliver the containment of the oil, which could plague us for years.

The idea is that the cold water will cause the oil to gel and contain it that way in its watery grave. We hope and pray that the concept will work.

The southern coastal area of Huisklip has always been productive and being a little out of the way, requiring a bakkie to access the area, has made it popular to those who make the effort.

Many a good fish has been caught there over the years.

The musselcrackers are most probably the target species, however you can make your choice regarding your taste.

The west wind (mild) would also be the wind of choice as this provides water temperatures and colour conducive for good angling.

That ginger beer colour at 18 degrees is ideal. Being out of the way, Huisklip boasts beauty that could be imagined with the remoteness of the area.

In the area are caves that were home to ancient dwellers dating back hundreds of years.

Fresh bait, in abundance, can be gathered off the rocks at low tide so the need to carry bait in special coolers becomes less of a burden. Access is always difficult and the walk is hard at best but nevertheless worth the experience.

Huisklip is situated between Oyster Bay in the east and Eersterivier in the west. From Port Elizabeth it would be best to access Huisklip from the Oyster Bay side.

Accommodation is also available at Oyster Bay and surrounds. There are many farm B&B's in the area. At Humansdorp, turn off on to the Oyster Bay road and proceed past Oyster Bay. There is a maze of roads in the area and as they say: "All roads lead to Rome".

Years back there was a locked gate prohibiting access but it is now open of late. Make sure you gain legal access to the area.

It is a good idea to Google the spot before you venture out. Tight Lines!