KFC introduces the new Zinger Chutney Burger


Sponsored - KFC’s Colonel Sanders turned on his Southern charm, making moves on a SA favorite, Mrs. Balls Chutney, for the month of love.

Since then it was a done deal, with the peachy pair posting sweet nothings on each other’s Facebook walls on the reg. The dynamic duo also created something beautiful together: The Zinger Chutney Burger.

The burger consists of a delicious KFC Zinger fillet, a slice of fresh tomato, crisp lettuce, a creamy slice of cheese, piquanté peppers, and of course, a generous helping of delicious Mrs. Ball’s Chutney.

In short, a tasty tribute to their sweet & fiery love story. Celebrate the month of love by sinking your teeth into the Finger Lickin’ love saga! (And follow the Colonel & Mrs. Ball’s relationship on social media with the #NowTogether).