VW sets new production record

VW. File picture
VW. File picture
Image: Reuters/Stephen Lam/File Photo

October proved to be memorable for Volkswagen Group SA (VWSA), which set a new record for the number of vehicles produced in one month.

The company’s plant in Uitenhage produced 16,453 vehicles in October, exceeding its previous record set exactly a decade before in October 2009, when the plant manufactured 15,131 units in one month.

The production schedule for October had estimated 16,179 units would be produced but the production team managed to achieve an even higher number.

By the end of October, the plant had produced 140,482 vehicles in 2019, of which 92,029 were for export.

To date, the company has produced 1,075,923 vehicles for export.

“It is proof of VWSA’s commitment to excellence that the plant was able to achieve this milestone,” VWSA chair and MD Thomas Schaefer said.

“I am proud of each and every employee who contributed to making this new record a reality, and I am confident that together we can achieve many more milestones like this one — to the benefit of the economy of Nelson Mandela Bay.

“Our plant is on track to achieve its record production volume of 162,000 units by the end of 2019.”