WEATHER GURU | Weather will always be big part of our lives


What a privilege and pleasure it has been to have contributed in a very small way to the Weekend Post’s long and illustrious history.

Weather has and will always be an integral part of our lives.

Whenever one discusses a major weather event, most people will recall exactly where they were and what they were doing at the time.

Others will tell you about their experiences during the event or what they had to do thereafter.

Those that were not in our city during a particular event, such as the 1968 or 1981 floods, will relate where they were at the time of hearing about the event.

Over the last two years, the feedback I have received from readers in this regard has been phenomenal.

This has been in the form of checking dates in the “This day in history” section, to recalling the great floods that we have experienced.

I took the opportunity at times to add my own recollections of especially the 1981 floods.

This was a romantic affair and the start of my relationship with my wife of 36 years, still going strong I might add.

Readers like Gregory related how his mother bought a healthy load of flood damaged clothing from the local surf shop, much to his delight.

After the 1981 flood and every major event thereafter, many others, including myself were all over town taking pictures of the damage caused by the flood waters.

I have amassed a large collection of these pictures over the years and am always open for more contributions.

The recollection of the 1968 floods brought many a reader coming forward with a copy of the Herald supplement of the aftermath of the event.

One such copy is proudly displayed on the wall of my new office.

Newspaper House was not spared during this event as the basement was flooded and the newspaper could not go to press at their own building.

The funniest recollection of the 1968 floods was from a reader who recalled that she and her husband indulged a bit too much the previous night.

They awoke the next morning with the empty curry pot, left on the stove, floating past their bed.

I did not have the opportunity to touch on the tragic 2006 flood where a lady lost her children and unborn baby when her vehicle was washed away at the Riverstone low water bridge and eventually landed up just past the Kragga Kamma intersection bridge.

This bridge incidentally washed away in1981 and 2006.

Then there are my talks I give where avid readers often present me with a pot of my prized petunias (which I often use as an adage) to add to my collection.

Finally, the compliment that was given by another reader, that I bring the weather to the people in a way and language that they understand will not be lost as this column moves to its new spot in the Herald on a Friday.

Remember “Wherever you go, always take the weather with you”

This week in history:

2018: Western half of Eastern Cape sees the start of one of the worst droughts in history.

Weather Safety Tips:

Be extra careful with outdoor fires during windy conditions, as unattended fires embers can be transported far and can cause secondary fires which could spread rapidly.

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