We will unseat the ANC: DA's John Moodey

DA Gauteng's John Moodey.
DA Gauteng's John Moodey.

DA Gauteng leader John Moodey has claimed that the opposition will unseat the governing ANC in the province post the May elections.

Speaking at the Saulsville Arena in Tshwane on Saturday, Moodey said citizens should not waste their votes by voting for the governing party as it would not fulfil its promises to bring about change in society.

"A vote for the ANC is a vote for more empty promises. It doesn't matter who leads them, they are the same old party and they have had too many second chances.

"These elections is your chance to get your province back. You can choose change that stops corruption, that creates jobs and delivers better services for all our people," said Moodey.

Addressing hundreds of DA members who came in their numbers to fill the venue, Moodey said the DA is committed to fighting corruption to ensure that all public money is spent on the people of Gauteng.  

He also accused the ANC of rewarding its cronies with deployment.

"The ANC has become complacent and uncaring. They only care about themselves and those connected to them and reward these accountable for gross corruption and tragedy with positions on their provincial executive," said Moodey.

The DA currently governs the City of Joburg and City of Tshwane through a coalition with other smaller parties.

The DA launched its provincial manifesto on Saturday.