Cut Jacob Zuma loose — he’s done enough damage

If the ANC does not shut out Zuma, any semblance of what’s left of the rule of law and the economy will be destroyed

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is like a spoilt child who relishes manipulating his parents. Every time the man has to take responsibility for his actions he chooses to whinge and whine, knowing the ANC — and large chunks of SA — will bend over backwards to pacify him. That is why the former president will continue to play victim. He knows an accommodation, a special circumstance, a loophole, will always be found for him.

He uses the same strategy repeatedly because it works for him. He has been using it since he returned from exile in 1990 and does so to this day. If this pattern does not stop Zuma will destroy whatever semblance of the rule of law there is left in our country. By accommodating his antics the ANC and others are feeding a monster. It will soon feel emboldened enough to try to eat us all up...

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