Letter: Run, Athol Trollip, run

The Herald’s front page of Friday November 18 was a contradiction in terms methinks.

Mayor Athol Trollip on “Metro ready to get down to business” and then the debacle around the appointment of a new city manager (“‘New city boss’ in the dark over job”) – now if that is not a contradiction, what is?

It has been heard that Trollip is fleeing Richmond Hill for the leafy climes of Walmer. True? If so, who can blame him?

Filthy streets, beggars and drug addicts abounding, drunkenness (especially in Stanley Street), illegally parked cars, prostitutes on corners and the list goes on. Oops, almost forgot, those illustrious black bag collectors, the SRA people, pathetic!

Richmond Hill has long been a “safe” seat for the DA – is that why the totally uninterested past two councillors were foisted upon us and now a third?

Run Trollip run. I don’t blame you.