Lovely Herald story touches many hearts

I AM at a loss for words. Gillian McAinsh’s tribute to brides (Bianca Agherdien and Carmen Jeftha) in The Herald yesterday was absolutely amazing (“Emotional tribute to brides”)!

I have been blessed to have known both those gorgeous women who have made such an impact in so many lives through their years on earth and now as angels in heaven.

Thank you so much for the beautiful piece that has once again touched our hearts near and far. My husband’s twin sister, Natalie, and Carmen were best friends.

Natalie called me yesterday morning too emotional to read your article and I encouraged her to read it as she will find strength within it. Even though Natalie and I reside in Johannesburg, our hearts will always be in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Thank you for keeping their memory alive! Their memory I will always keep alive in my home and my children will one day get to know them through your stories.

-Caley May, Johannesburg