Continue to serve people

THE elections come and now are gone, and were very smooth, fair and free. It shows that our country is maturing under the leadership of the ANC.

It was also interesting to see Archbishop Desmond Tutu voting and young people getting out in numbers. It is more welcome to see the ANC once again retained its majority in all provinces except the Western Cape and became a ruling party once again.

Indeed no other party is ready to lead this country without the ANC. Now as foot soldiers, branch members of the ANC and the entire leadership, it's our duty to ensure that we continue to deliver services to our people as we did in the past 20 years.

It's also to ensure that we monitor those going to parliament as the ANC won't be lenient, won't be apologetic in naming, shaming and removing all those wearing wolf's clothing to destroy the ANC. We'll deal with those looking at our election victory as a ladder to accumulating wealth and advancing their selfish personal needs.

We won the elections and we were united in achieving that. Now I'm calling on the leadership, branches and volunteers again jealously to defend the ANC from selfish individuals.

Let's rebuild a strong ANC in governance – 2016 is around the corner. There must be no money returns to Treasury while services are ignored by certain individuals with unfortunate and non-ANC agendas.

We'll be vigilant as we were when campaigning.

As a true member of the ANC, a volunteer and foot soldier, I want to thank all volunteers, the elections campaign machinery headed by Mlibo Qoboshiyane and Malusi Gigaba, the entire ANC leadership and alliance partners. It's our duty now to deliver and with no fear.

No one must go to the legislatures to sleep or wear nice clothes, accumulating personal wealth at our people's expense. Let's be vigilant as members once again in ensuring service delivery and defending our hard-fought democracy with no fear or compromise.

Viwe Sidali, ANC BEC and head of political education cluster, East London