Must guard pools

MY sympathies to this family on their tragic loss ("Toddler in drowning tragedy", May 12). However, it seems (from the article), that in spite of new strict rules regarding the protection of swimming pools, and all the publicity over the years about this exact type of tragedy, that there was only a front door between an 18-month-old and an unprotected pool.

How is this possible? This was an outrageous and completely unnecessary death, and an act of reckless negligence.

Why would anyone take such a chance with a precious life when there are fences, barricades, pool nets and flotation alarms which are not only simple precautions, but also mandatory as I understand it. I do hope this tragedy will at the very least serve as an eye-opener and save other lives in the future

I am assuming the parents/home owners will be charged with culpable homicide at the very least.

G Pritchard, St George's Park, Port Elizabeth