Can't understand big salary greed

I AM chief executive of the NGOs The Hessey-Muller Foundation and WithOUT Prejudice. I take no salary at all at present due to the fact that my workers come first and they get paid. When sponsorship comes in for me to be paid I will be, but I exist on a pension from the UK at present.

I do not understand the greed of chief executives who have to be rewarded so highly for their staff's good performances as without the staff they would be nothing.

My NGOs deal with the poor in society too, with wellness, discrimination and social issues for WithOUT Prejudice, and abuse cases for the Hessey-Muller Foundation – without any help from our caring government. My NGOs rely totally on sponsorship and have managed to keep all going well. So there are some good people around and it is a pity my organisations have to exist to bail out a failing government that should be caring for these people.

David Hessey-Muller, Port Elizabeth