Now you can only queue for self

I WONDER if the people of the metro are aware that our illustrious director of licensing and traffic services has now compounded their woes at this establishment by issuing a decree that no person may queue for another within the building – not you for your child or granny, or vice versa.

Even the legitimate enterprises like Q4ME and others have been banned, meaning that your time spent there could easily extend to a full day out of the marketplace with all the frustrations of multiple queues.

This being a public building I have been advised that this action by municipal traffic chief Hamilton Totoyi is technically illegal or unconstitutional, and I am investigating this.

The chaos outside however continues unabated with car guards and assorted thugs selling queue position and frequently jumping the line if they are paid enough. Intimidation by these people if you complain is the order of the day.

Frank Atkinson, Bluewater Bay, Port Elizabeth