Cast your ballot wisely

AS a Christian – one who loves the Lord Jesus Christ, because He loved me first, in that He died for me and all to save us from our sins, I appeal to all out there.

Our country is besieged by the "giants" of crime, alcohol abuse, violence, drug lords, abortion, gambling, pornography (so many media access points to this, where children can also be exposed), corruption and greed. Poverty and unemployment are rife.

We need to know what the political parties stand for – what they allow and do not allow in our country. Surely we can only vote for a political party which is most concerned about these "giants" and that desires above all else to bring Christian morals, standards and values into this country.

Surely we need to vote for the Christian party, whose head is God our father, where there will be "divine" insight and knowledge given to the leader of that party. Come Christians, vote for true reformation and Christian values in our beautiful beloved South Africa, so that "bad influences", which potentially destroy precious lives, can be eradicated.

Shirley van den Berg, Walmer, Port Elizabeth