Refuse removal staff won’t take away bags

WEDNESDAY April 2 was refuse collection day in my area of Zwide (this only happens fortnightly on a Wednesday). I reside in Malcomson Road.

I just want to share/vent my frustration of what happened when I got home that night. I found that the refuse in my street was collected only from the black wheelie bins.

I had three extra black bags full of rubbish left behind. When my wife inquired of the removal men, she was told that it was standard practice that these guys did not take loose bags – everything had to be in the bin.

Now my question is: is this the status quo or are these guys doing this of their own volition to frustrate us? We pay our monthly rates including refuse collection every month without fail.

If you are in arrears and buy an electricity coupon, you are docked (you don’t get the full amount of electricity).

We used to have street cleaners, but not anymore.

We buy our own black refuse bags. The municipality used to provide them.

I am not a person who always complains but I felt that I needed to challenge this incident. All I want is some clarity and a better solution for all to address this matter.

Ndumiso Zozi, Zwide, Port Elizabeth