Huge loss if PE Hospice forced to close doors

HERE is a short version of our experience with St Francis Hospice. At that time they still did house visits.

My dad (TJ Mouton) was referred (maybe by an oncology department) to a sister who worked for St Francis Hospice. She regularly came and did house calls to check on him.

Then when the cancer flared up the house calls became more frequent. She provided so much support to my mom especially.

Then in 2004 my dad was admitted at St Francis Hospice initially to assist in the management of his pain. The staff there were wonderful.

My mom spent every waking moment there. For about a week we were there constantly. It was never a problem.

Sadly we lost my father there. They where so helpful and, looking back, I do not know how we as a family would have coped without the assistance from the staff at Hospice.

It would be a huge loss for Port Elizabeth and families that are already in so much pain if they are not there to provide the wonderful service that they did for us. I hope this helps in keeping their doors open.

- Vanessa (Mouton) Steyn, Port Elizabeth