Lorgat also to blame

I AM waiting to see what happens to the “five disgruntled clubs” and others who brought Eastern Province Cricket into disrepute. I hope these clubs are now happy with the damage they caused EP Cricket.

Haroon Lorgat must also take blame for some of this drama as he could have nipped this debacle in the bud. We pleaded with him to play a key role in preventing the arbitration proceeding, but he did not make a big enough effort.

It’s a shame that enormous legal costs were incurred (and as far as I know must still be paid). That money could have been used for cricket development.

I wonder where the money will come from? At least now the clubs have spoken and they have chosen who they want to lead them, not lawyers.

I would also like someone to enlighten the public as to where the 25 or so clubs who supported the “disgruntled five” have disappeared to, because I believe the clubs did not get the support at the elections they claimed they had. We always disputed this. I understand Donovan May would like to move forward, but would urge EP Cricket to fix this damage caused by dealing with the perpetrators.

M J Figg, Port Elizabeth