Cricket must move forward

EP Cricket’s executive must find a way to get all the cricket stakeholders to play ball and move forward. The new executive will have its work cut out.

Donovan May is a great choice to lead the organisation. He’s been there before and I believe he will continue to do a good job.

He will need the input and support of all. Our cricket must move away from the controversy and the people who are threatening to destroy our credibility and our ability to govern our own affairs in the region.

Let’s give the new leadership a chance and let’s work together. It’s either that or we run the risk of losing players and administrators to other provinces that are stable and financially sound. We cannot allow people with agendas to destroy organised cricket in the area. We need people from all walks of life to put cricket and sound financial governance first.

There can be no place for camps and disruptive influences. The signs are not good at present.

There are still people out there who will stop at nothing to disrupt and make things ungovernable. That’s a shame, and the current leadership will have to weather a lot of storms and stand firm.

Good luck to all – they will need it.

Feizal Nicholas, Port Elizabeth