Turn dolphin pool area into a water park

I LIVE on the hill overlooking the morbid ghost of our once proud Oceanarium and have followed with interest the various ideas being bandied about concerning the future of this monstrosity. The one that will most likely end up being embraced is the one that most new agers are against, that is putting captive dolphins back into the pool.

Since this massive structure is already there though, with all the necessary pumps and filters, why not turn it into Port Elizabeth's very own water park with slides, waterfalls and the like? We could even incorporate a water park obstacle course much like the ones on television programmes such as Total Wipeout.

It wouldn't be that difficult to put a roof over it in the winter months either. This would be extremely popular not only with tourists but indeed with our locals, and I envision many team building exercises being held there.

This idea would also be in keeping with growing worldwide outrage at captive dolphins being made to perform tricks for a now waning public. Yes, the initial cost of conversion would most likely be huge but it would create many permanent jobs and would indeed then generate its own income.

If the community coffers cannot spare the cash injection I am sure there would be many a businessman prepared to invest.

Gary Wiblin, Brookes Hill, Port Elizabeth