Celebrating the month of love at work

Promote team spirit by celebrating love in the office

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This is the time of year when people get engaged, have weddings and spend lots of money on expensive gifts to spoil their significant others.

You may think it’s weird to celebrate this day at the office, but it’s a great way to promote team spirit.

All you need is love

Encourage employees to spread the love in the community by volunteering at a local charity. You can spend time with pets at an animal shelter or visit an old-age home and chat to whoever you meet during your lunch break.

International Random Acts of Kindness Week is celebrated from February 12–18, so that’s another reason to go the extra mile. Remember, February is all about love, so spread it as far and as wide as you can.

Something similar to secret Santa

Ask each employee to select a name from a hat. Then, on Valentine’s Day, leave a little gift on that person’s desk. It can really be anything from a cool notebook to a pair of novelty socks.

Show appreciation

Showing gratitude goes a long way. Write words of encouragement on a card and place it on a colleague's desk, or send out an email to the team to say: “We absolutely LOVE your work – keep it up!” Some may think it’s cheesy, but we think that if you put a smile on a face, you’ve really celebrated the month of love with your co-workers.

Accomplish your goals

You can show your love for your team by helping people achieve their goals at work by assisting them to tick off tasks on their list. This way, you will prove that you love your job and the team you work with.

Extend to clients

Keep your clients happy and your job gets easier. Having shown appreciation to co-workers, extend it to your clients too. Whether you choose to send personalised greeting cards or an email wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day, they will appreciate the gesture.

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