Eskom now setting traps

In its bid to curb illegal connections‚ power utility Eskom has adopted undercover investigation tactics.

Eskom’s Dileep John said: “We are working tirelessly in our fight against electricity theft.

“However‚ our efforts are being undermined by individuals‚ contractors and even Eskom staff who‚ for their own selfish gain‚ illegally reconnect customers whose services have been terminated,” he said.

“But we now have under cover operatives across the country.” Eskom says its investigators will pose as customers whose electricity has been disconnected‚ luring the would-be criminals who are arrested as soon as they start their illegal operation.

“The new approach recently proved its effectiveness when a trap was set for one suspect whose arrest led to the capture of five other suspects‚ of whom one has already received a prison sentence,” he said.