Sports fans missing their daily fix


As Covid-19 tightens its grip and the sporting lockdown continues, it is to be expected that sports fans are suffering ...

SANDF needs caution in its conduct


And then it happened — the SA National Defence Force arrived in Nelson Mandela Bay at the weekend as the country’s ...

Economic bloodbath on cards after lockdown


The decision by Moody’s Investors Service to strip South Africa of its last remaining investment grade rating to what ...

Honour lockdown rules for everyone’s sake


Stay at home — that is the call that has been repeated ad nauseam by politicians and others since Friday.

Many still oblivious to dangers of Covid-19, need to stay home

Weeken Post

Residents stood in long queues at shopping malls, from Cleary Park to KwaNobuhle, while children played in the park in ...

SA derby league could be shot in the arm for Eastern Cape rugby


A proposed SA derby league could provide the tonic needed to put the fizz back into Eastern Cape rugby. After the ...

Careless words could end in tragedy


A cough and nervous neighbours — that was all it took for health authorities to storm the home of a man who had ...

South Africans have duty to honour lockdown


“In the days, weeks and months ahead our resolve, our resourcefulness and our unity as a nation will be tested as never ...

Appeal court spot on in child-rape case


“There can be no greater crime, in my view, than to deprive a child of her innocence, especially a vulnerable child ...

Heed virus warnings or SA will pay dearly


If South Africans don’t follow the rules, there could be a total lockdown and life as we know it could get much, much ...