EDITORIAL | Intervention must follow set criteria


If there is one thing we know for sure, the ANC does not believe that coalition governments work.

EDITORIAL | Much to read into low literacy levels


Few would have been surprised by the result of a study, published in this newspaper on Tuesday, into the literacy ...

EDITORIAL | Dark days lifting for EP Rugby Union


The turnaround achieved by the once struggling EP Rugby Union over the past two years has been nothing short of ...

EDITORIAL | Councillors 'signing blindly' raises alarm


Did they or didn’t they? And if they didn’t know what they were signing, as some ANC councillors claimed on Sunday, why ...

EDITORIAL | Unwise promises at root of unrest

Weeken Post

Every day this week our city has been besmirched by violent protests. It led to the destruction of roads and vehicles ...

EDITORIAL | Stakes high in MBDA, City Hall impasse


Over the last couple of months, this newspaper has been reporting on the impasse between the bosses at City Hall and ...

EDITORIAL | Union, bosses must find each other, fast


Today we report that wage negotiations between metal workers’ union Numsa and auto sector and component-manufacturing ...

EDITORIAL | Hard to imagine NHI ever being successful


The thinking behind NHI is to ensure the same standard of health care to all South Africans regardless of their income ...

EDITORIAL | Banyana, Boks rekindle our hopes


After the heartache of recent times, it felt good to be a South African sports supporter again with the glorious, ...

EDITORIAL | Guilty officials must account for mess


Callous and morally indefensible. This is perhaps the best way to describe the poor schooling infrastructure situation ...