Traffic offenders not caught

I FIND it difficult to believe that with a list of executive and ordinary directors, sitting on their butts – all with secretaries, fancy cars and a host of other perks – nobody is held accountable for the debacle and dysfunctional department referred to as the traffic department. I must ask what traffic department?

The only time a traffic official is seen is at a shopping mall or fast food outlets.

Now we as ratepayers have to pay extra to fund a metro police department. Nobody knows and can tell me if the two departments will integrate into one.

Nothing is being done about the total disregard for the law when it comes to traffic-related matters in this city. Will they also have their computers rendered useless and allow the law breakers to get off scot-free – what a disgrace to the city fathers?

The SAPS have their hands full, and do not have the resources to put an end to the scramblers and quad bikes that terrorise certain areas of our city. I recently had a run-in with a loud-mouthed, obnoxious, rude and arrogant youth who told me he could do what he wanted and ride where he wanted on his unregistered, unroadworthy, noisy quad bike.

He had the cheek to enquire if I wanted a "piece" of him, but ran when I got out of my vehicle shaking a pepper spray.

As a ratepayer it appears that if I wish to reside in a quiet, decent neighbourhood, then I have to clean it up myself due to lack of interest by the authorities.

So to all those idiots out there, including the one from Sherwood, beware of me.

To the parents who have children, family and friends who are culprits, shame on you for allowing this behaviour.

A mother pushing a pram had to jump out the way of your child speeding down a road in Sherwood recklessly. It made my blood curdle and so I decided to do something about it.

We now have a new tendency in our city: motorbikes using up an entire car parking spot because they do not know what M/C painted on the tar means. Then there is my favourite, the drivers who purposely park in two bays. You are selfish and arrogant.

Ross McClelland, Port Elizabeth