Much to ponder this Easter

A FEAST of thought for Easter! God forbid us to exalt anyone living or dead above the name of Jesus Christ. He is the one and only true representation and portrayal of who or what the Holy Spirit is like in a visible human form of flesh and blood.

Silence is indeed golden when in that realm of tranquility, devoid of human interference via the five physical senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch – the voice of the Shepherd, conscience commands you to be still, listen and obey.

True believers simply rely on having faith in Jesus, and not our action and good deeds when we attempt to work out salvation on our own. Jesus personifies a spiritual life of truth in order to follow a perfect way for a healthy relationship with God.

Good Friday reminds us that an absolutely innocent man guilty of no sin whatsoever is crucified to death on the cross, a powerful conviction to transform the world we live in from evil to good and hate to love.

R Date-Chong, Port Elizabeth