Thumbs-up for the sport quota plan

I THINK Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula is on the right track about the quotas and it is thumbs-up to him. We have been preaching about transformation since unification and I just hope the minister means business now, because all the ministers before him were toothless.

There are races in this country who think they own cricket and rugby, and we need to change their mindset. When we talk quotas we do not mean that we will field a weaker player for the sake of a quota, diluting the team – a player still has be selected on merit.

I know other leaders from different sports bodies will be treating this as a bluff, but we need to take it very seriously this time. If other races do not want to toe the line, it is high time we take this issue to parliament to make it an act.

Mzwandile Pepe Nkomombini, cricket administrator, Zwide, Port Elizabeth