More load-shedding over the next few days

Load-shedding is expected to continue until Tuesday
Load-shedding is expected to continue until Tuesday

Load-shedding is likely to continue until at least Tuesday, Eskom has said.

Stage 4 load-shedding was implemented for most of the weekend and will continue between 9am and 11pm on Monday due to a shortage of capacity.

Eskom said in a statement, that load-shedding "up to stage 4" would be implemented on Tuesday.

In addition, load-shedding will switch to stage 2 at 11pm on Sunday and continue overnight until 9am on Monday.

"We remind customers that load-shedding at stage 4 is no cause for alarm as the system is being effectively controlled. Load-shedding is a highly controlled process, implemented to protect the system and precent a total collapse of the system or a national blackout," the statement reads.

"During stage 4 load-shedding, approximately 80% of the country's demand is still being met."

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