Devastating fires will not stop popular drawcard events

A number of major tourism drawcards in Knysna will continue as planned, organisers said yesterday.

Knysna Tourism yesterday confirmed the Pick n Pay 2017 Knysna Oyster Festival would go ahead as planned.

Speaking on behalf of the sponsors, the Knysna Municipality and the event organisers, board chairperson Elmay Bouwer said that while the Garden Route town had suffered extensive damage, plans for the festival would continue.

Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour marketing director Andrew Finn also confirmed that the Knysna Cycle Tour was on track.

“Once all the fires have been extinguished, we will be able to assess the situation to see whether it is necessary to alter any of our routes and plans,” he said.

Momentum Knysna Forest Marathon organiser Leon Brown said the marathon would also go ahead as planned.

“We are dedicating the event to all the people who lost everything in the fires and will be focusing on our blanket drive.

“We urge people to add to the 2 000 blankets which Momentum donates every year and to also donate clothing which will be collected at registration and the race start,” he said.

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