Strictly Sax with Cathy Del Mei

[caption id="attachment_207498" align="alignright" width="300"] Cathy Del Mei[/caption]

The Boardwalk’s Tshawe Bar is set to sizzle on Thursday, June 15 when saxophonist Cathy Del Mei will entertain guests with her soothing sounds.

With her relaxed and engaging persona, Del Mei is renowned for drawing in her audiences and promises an evening of good entertainment, starting at 7pm and continuing until late.

Del Mei earned her stripes in numerous theatre productions including Beatlemania and The Meatloaf Tribute Show among others. She has also performed alongside top South African artists such as PJ Powers, Vicky Sampson, DJ Lady Lea, Louise Carver and Duncan Faure.

Her versatile style means she flits between music genres, from swing and jazz to pop, rock, African, Buddah Car and Café Del Mar.

Although her show at Tshawe Bar is free to enjoy, seats are limited so booking is recommended. Contact 041 5077 9452 to book.