Give your child an unparalleled education with Woodridge Connect

The online school is the first in SA to use AI, enhancing learners’ educational experience and freeing up more time for teachers to focus on learners

Artificial Intelligence systems used at Woodridge Connect customise learning based on each learner’s interests and aptitudes.
Artificial Intelligence systems used at Woodridge Connect customise learning based on each learner’s interests and aptitudes.
Image: Supplied/Woodridge Connect

Woodridge College near Gqeberha recently launched its online school, Woodridge Connect, which is the first online school in SA to use artificial intelligence (AI) to administer teaching and learning. 

AI is the development of computer systems which are able to perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence. 

Powered by innovation specialists, Jendamark, Woodridge Connect enhances all aspects of your child’s educational experience and process, giving them the best chance at an unparalleled education. 

In preparation for 2023, the school has extended its curriculum to include grades 7-12, giving more parents the opportunity to future-proof their children’s careers.

According to Woodridge Connect’s CEO, Kristine Tudhope CA (SA), the online school’s AI technology gives it an unmatched edge and positions it as the best alternative for parents looking to enrol their children at an online school in 2023.  

Tudhope identifies Woodridge Connect as the first of its kind within the SA online schooling fraternity to fully embrace the technology.  

She says Woodridge Connect’s deployment of AI sets it apart. While other schools use technology in one, at most two, areas of their work with learners, Woodridge Connect harnesses AI across five key activities: personalisation, interaction, customisation, universalisation and automation.

“Artificial intelligence has come a long way since we saw robots in movies performing human acts at unbelievable speeds with superior logic. Today, from our cellphones to social media, AI is part of our lives,” says Tudhope.

Tudhope says parents should ask: “How does AI integrate into education?” And, “How does it benefit my children?”

Tudhope says at Woodridge Connect, AI automates a variety of manual processes for teachers, freeing up more of their time to focus on learners. It also creates personalised learning programmes for learners based on their learning experience and knowledge, and customises learning based on each learner’s interests and aptitudes.

“Woodridge Connect’s online learning solution has been developed with learner benefit as its core — to benefit learners today and in the future,” says Tudhope. 

Applications to Woodridge Connect are open from grades 7 to 12 for the 2023 academic year
Woodridge Connect’s CEO, Kristine Tudhope

“Not only does AI give Woodridge Connect teachers the ability to delegate manual tasks to a programme that automatically updates processes and activities for learners and teachers, it optimises learning and teaching tasks — helping different parts of the education sector evolve into something new.

“The way people teach and learn is constantly evolving. The Woodridge Connect way disrupts the conventional education model and gives learners an education that understands today’s needs, while preparing them for a future yet to be imagined.”

Located on a scenic 365-acre estate between Gqeberha and Jeffreys Bay, Woodridge College is a private school that is home to nearly 800 day scholars and boarders from all corners of SA and other countries on various continents.

Director of academics for Woodridge College and quality manager for Woodridge Connect, Dr Catherine Logie, oversees the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum from grade 7. 

Learners are given the opportunity to choose between an IEB or Cambridge curriculum for matric, best suited to their ambitions and goals.

Built on global standards for education, the combination of an IEB curriculum in lower grades and a Cambridge curriculum from grade 11 to 12, is set to propel learners at Woodridge Connect to greater heights in life. This begins with recognition from universities across the globe. In addition, the IEB programme in the lower grades offers a financial benefit, making fees more affordable.

Applications to Woodridge Connect are open from grades 7 to 12 for the 2023 academic year, while online applications for the 2022 academic year for grades 8 and 9 are still open. 

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