Critical period for SA’s winter crop-growing regions


We are starting another critical period for SA’s field crops, this time for winter crops.

SA’s consumer food inflation decelerated in February 2024


SA’s consumer food inflation slowed to 6.0% in February 2024, from 7.0% the previous month.

Why did SA agriculture underperform in 2023, and what should we expect in 2024?


SA’s agricultural sector faced several challenges in 2023, but we didn’t think the overall annual performance would ...

Agriculture still employs a significant number of South Africans


The South African agricultural sector remains essential and a notable job creator in our economy.

SA summer crop conditions still in fair state but need rain


This past week, I drove from Pretoria to Edenville, a small farming town in the northern region of the Free State, for ...

SA’s beef exports to Saudi Arabia crucial to industry growth


Positive news is hard to come by at most times in SA.

SA’s agricultural exports robust in Q3, 2023


SA's agricultural exports amounted to US$3.9 billion in the third quarter of this year, up by 4% year on year ...

Time to rekindle bold plan for agricultural development


When structuring growth-enhancing reforms, there is value in crafting a unifying overarching vision where each role ...

Biosecurity breaches are a significant risk to SA's agricultural growth agenda


One aspect that remains a major challenge for the domestic animal farming sector and has been raised by our members in ...

China moves closer to cultivation of GMO maize and soybean seeds


A media article from Reuters this past week noted that China is closer to commercialising genetically modified maize ...