Tom Eaton Columnist

Bathabile Dlamini showed her true colours right to the end


Former minister Bathabile Dlamini blames everyone else for the whooping, flaming, cartwheeling cluster of failure that ...

ANC is shedding but the DA is all GOOD: the post-election state of play


From the big players to the microscopic particle-parties, this is what the results tell us so far

Burning books is not protest, it’s an infantile effort to kill the truth


With echoes of the Nazis, the ANCYL’s plan to burn ‘Gangster State’ is a way to erase facts that challenge lies

Before you judge, put yourself in Duarte’s (terrifying) place


Spare a thought for a woman who risked her life for freedom and then sold her soul for a place at the trough

Snowflake colonialists make life sweet like a koeksister for AfriForum


The fallout from their apartheid-apologist film couldn't be better PR, thanks to the Institute for Race Relations