Two patrolling police horses attacked by pitbull

Image: Deesaen

A pitbull that escaped from its owner’s yard and attacked two patrolling police horses in Sherwood on Saturday afternoon is still on the loose.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said while the owner of the dog had since been traced, the pitbull remained at large.

Cases of malicious injury to property and vicious dog at large were under investigation.

Meanwhile, the dog’s unsuspecting victims, Thunder and Lorika, were back in their stables by Sunday afternoon and on the road to recovery.

The horses had to receive stitches after they were bitten on their behinds on the corners of Kraai and Caledon Streets.

Four members of the Port Elizabeth Mounted Unit had been patrolling the Sherwood area at around 1pm on Saturday, when a black pitbull dog reportedly escaped from its yard nearby and bit two of its unsuspecting victims on their rear ends.

“The dog jumped as high up as to their tails and bit two of the horses on their rear.

“One of the riders was thrown off his horse as it reacted to the surprise attack,” said Naidu.

Both horses received stitches at the Westering veterinary clinic.

By yesterday afternoon, they were doing much better.

The owner of the pitbull was traced to Mitford Street in Sherwood, where the dog had reportedly escaped from the yard.

“The horses were treated, sedated and back at their stables,” said Naidu.