Ironman 2017 Road Closures


Road closure on Marine Drive from Driftsands Drive to Noordhoek from 07h00-11h00


Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship

Full Road Closures:  From 05h00 to Midnight:

  • Marine Drive from Lodge Road to Summerstrand Hotel
  • 2nd Avenue from Brighton Drive to Marine Drive
  • Admiralty Way from Marine Drive to University Way
There will be a controlled cross-over point at Brighton Drive / Admiralty Crescent.

Partial Road Closure:   From 05h00 to Midnight

  • Marine Drive from Walmer Boulevard to La Roche Drive
  • Marine Drive from La Roche Drive to Lodge Road
Full Road Closures:     From 05h00 to 17h00:
  • Marine Drive from Summerstrand Hotel to Schoenmakerskop.
  • From 17h00, access into Summerstrand / City will be via the NMMU back gate.
  • Victoria Drive from Schoenmakerskop to Glendore Road intersection
  • Sardinia Bay Road
  • Heron Road
  • Seaview Road from Heron Road to Van Reenen Road, Seaview
  • Elizabeth Road/Beachview Divisional Road from Seaview Road to Beachview Drive, Beachview, Maitlands area.
Controlled access to the following points during road closures:
  • To and from Pine Lodge only via the NMMU back gate on Marine Drive.
  • To and from the Sardinia Bay Golf Estate & Club from Seaview / Heron Road intersection.

Concessions / Convoys – as below only:

Up to 07h15: Vehicles may leave from Noordhoek / Willows / Schoenmakerskop, driving towards Victoria Drive  only to exit.

13h45:  NMBM Traffic controlled Convoy departs from Willows, picking up vehicles in Schoenmakerskop, exiting on Victoria Drive.

14h15: NMBM Traffic controlled convoy from Victoria Drive / Glendore Road intersection to Schoenmakerskop / Willows.

Up to 07h45:  Vehicles may leave Kini Bay towards Seaview.

15h30:   NMBM Traffic controlled Convoy from Kini Bay to Seaview on Sea Side of Road

± 16h00:  Seaview Road should open between Kini Bay and Seaview.