EP bowls single championships draw

THE draw for the first round of the EP men's and women's singles championships on May 31 are: Men's Open, section one at Westview: W Williams, G van Blerk, H Slabbert, G Adams, P Hufkie; Section 2 at Wv: E Kent, T Swanepoel, W Kilian, D Mauer, M Freer Section 3 at Park Drive: P Spriggs, D Morton, C Rens, J Morgan, D Sweers

Section 4 at Park Drive: R Stewart, L Impey, C Otto, J van Greunen, J Overmeyer

Section 5 at PEBC: B van Wyk, W Arndt, R Wilson, T Mucka, F Tapanes

Section 6 at J Bay: W du Pisanie, F Heildon, N Swanepoel, S Jones, G Gowar, S Gobey

Section 7 at J Bay: H Korkie, S Matthews, J van der Berg, M Colvin, G Kirton, R le Gras

Section 8 at WCC: A Schwartz, T Cawood, B Booysen, J, Rodrigues, W Miller, M Bekker

Men's Senior, section 1 at Wv: P Moore, P Minnie, G Rowlands, P Visser

Section 2 at WCC: N MacFarland, J Bernstein, S de Boer, J Haskins, P de Jager

Section 3 at WCC: P Slaughter, M Hansen, T James, B Lawrie, N Hickson

Section 4 at The Woods: M Hill, D Tolson, S Steel, D Wotherspoon, W Porter

Section 5 at Western Suburbs: A Paris, M Weise, P Wolff, M Sandwick, J Kapp

Section 6 at Wv: L Weetman, R Forbes, I Tarr-Graham, J Neethling

Section 7 at W Suburbs: C Smith, R Hughes, L Muller, K Wakelin

Men's Novice, section one at Mill Park: G Bergh, I Mitchell, E Yumata, N Dorward, J Weihahn

Section 2 at Mill Park: M Brent, G Kriel, C Joyce, D Nel, C Muller

Section 3 at PEBC: D Botha, K Loots, D Jacobs, M van Zyl, F van Onselen

Section 4 at PEBC: D Scheepers, S Blakey-Milner, N Doyle, B Hutchinson, D Kuhn

Section 5 at Park Drive: S Crankshaw, R Lazare, R Meek, J van Tonder, D Jacobson

Section 6 at Walmer: M Grime, D Harmer, J Strombeck, L Jacobson, P Cawood

Section 7 at Walmer: M Bennett, W Povey, D Davidson, D Bester, W Kleyn

Section 8 at Walmer: G Wilkins, T Bradfield, G Brent, F Terblanche, E Erasmus

Section 9 at Wv: A Pearce, B Stephenson, R Hickson, J Morgan, S Brito

Section 10 at WCC: R McGregor, A Zeelie, T de Andrade, L Goosen, D Whinney, T Boardman

Women's Open, section 1 at PEBC: D Edwards, F Hofmeyr, L van der Merwe, M Buchanan, C Phelps, A Tschop

Section 2 at Summerwood: L Hayward, K Korkie, D Rosenblatt, I Kapp, D Muller

Section 3 at Western Suburbs: D Vermaak, G Craill, E Paris, J Williams, H Bannister, W Gouws

Section 4 at The Woods: B Coetzee, O James, H Gardiner, A Herselman, A Browne

Section 5 at The Woods: S Smart, J Giles, T Henebury, S Boardman, Y Rens

Women's Senior, section 1 at Summerwood: W McLachlan, C Hillmer, P March

Section 2 at Summerwood: M Senekal, L Reed, R Tunstead

Section 3 at Mill Park: I Forbes, J Moore, P Allison, M du Toit

Women's Novice, section 1 at Walmer: P Lamont, J Brent, C Tolson, S Maclachlan, A O'Niell, S Mauer

Section 2 at Western Suburbs: M van Onselen, L Cherry, E Nako, P Wallis, P Cullen, S Lombard

Section 3 at Walmer: K Hardy, E Grobler, S Erasmus, C Davies, D McGregor

Section 4 at Western Suburbs: S Lee, W Bester, L Cloete, C Joyce, M Whinney.