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Are Virgos really perfectionists? See these five zodiac signs you got wrong

Expert weighs in on horoscope tropes that have ruled the internet

From Gemini to Leo, see which star signs you got wrong on social media. Stock image.
From Gemini to Leo, see which star signs you got wrong on social media. Stock image.
Image: imagehitevo/123RF

#AstroTok, a corner of TikTok obsessed with posting about star signs, has seen a number of users post clips that rank star signs based on stereotypical traits. While it is all good and fun, some of the 12 signs get a lot of heat about traits that may not be true.

With the help of psychic expert and astrologer Inbaal Honigman, the team from the Psychic Chat Provider have come up with a list of star signs whose real traits have often been misinterpreted.

Here are five zodiac signs that have had it the hardest and are debunked by our astrology experts:


Truth: Virgos are not perfectionists, they are simply methodical in the way they approach things.

Virgos like to think first and act second. Instead of jumping on every opportunity, they'll take a minute to see if the opportunity truly serves their higher purpose, or if it is just a distraction. A Virgo won't fuss for the sake of fussing, and they do love to relax, but if something needs doing they'd rather do it now.


Truth: Cancers are great listeners and are not only invested in their own emotions. 

Cancer is a water sign and like other waters they live and die by their emotions. They feel things deeply for themselves, but mostly for others. The sign of Cancer is all about the family. They love having everyone in their living room, from blood relatives to good friends who are “like family”. Cancerians have a great depth of emotion, and can hold the space for you to safely express your own emotions.


Truth: Geminis see both sides of the argument.

Gemini is represented by the symbol of twins, which illustrates their dual personality. A Gemini can see both sides of the argument and can be for and against multiple important issues. It doesn’t look great when they agree with one side and then agree with the exact opposite, but they listen and accept all points of view.


Truth: Leos have a love for success that extends to everyone else.

Leo loves success. The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, and is therefore bright, visible and larger than life. They try their hand at anything, and truly believe there's no such thing as impossible.

A little-known fact about Leos is that their love for success extends to everyone else. They're wonderful agents, mentors and advocates because when they see someone they trained find the success they deserve, the Leo will feel a sense of satisfaction as if they've achieved it themselves.


Truth: Aries are constantly angry.

Aries are ruled by the red planet Mars, a planet of sex and war. Therefore all Aries emotions are big. Their enthusiasm is bombastic. Their joy is unparalleled. Similarly, their rage can move mountains. Thankfully, Aries can only sustain such grand emotions for a short while. Soon they simmer down and go back to being their playful selves.


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