Trust Brylin/Elliot Academy to educate your child for life

Brylin/Elliot Academy offers quality, caring and varied education from Grade R to the end of high school, and includes educare from six months old

Brylin/Elliot Academy provides quality education from Grade R right to the end of high school.
Brylin/Elliot Academy provides quality education from Grade R right to the end of high school.
Image: Supplied/Brylin/Elliot Academy

If you’re looking to give your child the ultimate learning experience, consider Brylin/Elliot Academy in Fairview, Gqeberha.

The school, on Eucalyptus Street, offers educare (from six months old), primary and high school.  

It offers:

  • A one-stop, safe and secure campus.
  • Small classes with individual attention.
  • Academic excellence, while encouraging critical thinking and developing creativity.

Brylin/Elliot Academy nurtures a lifelong passion for learning and believes in developing good communication skills. It instils in it learners a vision to be better, special and excellent.

Fast facts about the school:

  • Qualified, dedicated, passionate teachers provide quality education in a loving, caring environment. 
  • Classes are small, which means learners receive individual attention. 
  • Aftercare staff assist with tasks and revision and provide lunch and a snack. Brylin follows the CAPS curriculum (grades R to 12).
  • Brylin Primary collaborates with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB).
  • Brylin High offers a wide range of FET subjects, including dramatic arts, and earned a 100% matric pass rate in 2020.
  • Elliot Academy follows the Montessori programme (grades R to 7).

Learners are encouraged to participate in sport and extramurals which include cricket, netball, soccer, mini-rugby, rugby (high school), volleyball, ball skills, yoga (Montessori) and swimming. 

Co-curricular activities offered are chess, dominoes club, science experi-club, computer club, music, coding, dance sport, general knowledge quizzes, public speaking skills and leadership camps. 

The school fosters a culture of collaboration, trust and shared responsibility among its learners. Personal characteristics such as respect for others, tolerance, caring for the environment and good citizenship are encouraged to produce self-disciplined and balanced adults to suit our diverse world. 

Brylin/Elliot Academy is the ideal school for your child to blossom and grow.

Brylin was founded and registered with the education department in 1999 and is accredited by Umalusi.  Elliot Academy, a division of Brylin Independent Learning Centre, is registered with the SA Montessori Association and offers a full Montessori environment.

This article was paid for by Brylin/Elliot Academy.