A hijacked courier truck found back by Port Elizabeth Flying Squad
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Two transport vehicles were hijacked in Port Elizabeth on Monday morning.

Last week, at least eight delivery vehicles were hijacked in the Bay in separate incidents.

Police spokesman Captain Andre Beetge said the latest hijackings involved a Kloppers bakkie and a DSV logistics courier vehicle.

The Kloppers bakkie, which was transporting a fridge, was hijacked outside a house in Ben Mwasi Street in Kwamagxaki.

According to officials, the driver and his passenger were delivering a fridge when four men approached them.

Beetge said two of the four men had firearms and demanded that the two delivery employees hand over their cell phones and money.

“The suspects then got into the bakkie and drove off,” he said.

At 10:10am the bakkie was recovered in Vusimusi Street, Zwide, with the fridge stolen.

In the second incident, a DSV transport vehicle was hijacked in Central at about 11am.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Alwin Labans said the courier van was hijacked in Deare Street while dropping off stock.

“Two men approached the vehicle when it stopped in the street. They were preparing to deliver a package to a premises when one of the men pulled out a firearm,” Labans said.

“The driver was locked in the back [of the courier vehicle] and the suspects drove off. They then stopped and left the driver in the back of the vehicle before leaving.”

By midday the vehicle was recovered, abandoned in Avenue E, New Brighton

Labans said the value of the items stolen was unknown.

Last month trucks carrying cellphones, pharmaceuticals, catalytic converters, meat, gas bottles and pots were all targeted.

In addition, motorists driving cars were also targeted.

The estimate loss of stock in these transport vehicle hijackings run into the millions.

Some of last week’s hijacking incidents involved robbers flashing blue lights at the truck drivers, forcing them to stop.

When asked about the sudden spike in transport vehicle hijackings and if any arrests have been made, Beetge declined to comment.

All cases are still under investigation.

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