Remy Kloos is the first South African to conquer Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse and the first SA woman to climb Mount Lhotse.
Image: via Instagram
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A Cape Town woman has climbed Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse, back to back, within 24 hours.

Remy Kloos is the first South African to conquer the double summit and the first SA woman to climb Mount Lhotse.

Everything still feels so surreal, I summited Mount Everest on May 15 and Mount Lhotse on May 16. Conditions where close to perfect, I was one of the first people to summit Mount Everest at about 5.30am and spent 45 minutes on top.

“When I summited Lhotse, two climbers where coming down from the summit and then she was all free,” she said in an Instagram post.

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The sustainability and wellness specialist said she was “hot more than I was cold” on the mountains.

“This actually turned into a challenge in itself which made me laugh, not in the moment obviously, but as I am reflecting,” she said. Before she conquered both mountains, she “never knew beauty like this existed”.

“But the one thing that blows my mind the most is that the weather Gods allowed me to summit exactly over the super blood moon eclipse. Whilst climbing Mount Everest I got to witness the moon set over Nepal and the sunrise over Tibet, an image I’ll never ever, ever forget. And whilst climbing Mount Lhotse I was gifted with being able to witness the sunrise illuminate Mount Everest,” she said.

Kloos promised to share more, but was decompressing from what was the most wildly beautiful experience.

“I feel good, strong, blissful and grateful for this epically special season. Thank you to everyone for the love and support. And to my team and Sherpa brothers, thank you for the laughs, dances, hugs and one incredible adventure,” she said.



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