Morne Blignaut and his legal counsel advocate, Alwyn Griebenow, in the Port Elizabeth High Court

Perlemoen poaching kingpin Morne Blignaut was convicted on two charges of racketeering and a charge of contravening the protection of living marine resources on Wednesday in the Port Elizabeth High Court.

Blignaut pleaded guilty to all three charges on Monday, after earlier denying guilt.

On Monday, a statement by state witness Brett Killian was submitted to the court incriminating Blignaut beyond reasonable doubt, Chetty found.

Killian’s statement gave a detailed description of the operations of Blignaut and his former co-accuseds’ illegal enterprise.

Blignaut’s five former co-accused, including his ex-wife Marshelle, pleaded guilty to a string of charges in August.

They will be sentenced on September 20.

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