A couple were attacked on the Hopewell Private Game Reserve outside Nanaga, near Nelson Mandela Bay, on Thursday evening.

The managers of the luxury safari reserve, situated on the R72 between Kenton-on-Sea and Colchester, were beaten and held hostage on the farm by five robbers.

According to police, three of the men were armed with firearms, including a hunting rifle.

Police spokesman Captain Andre Beetge said the married couple were accosted when the 45-year-old man went outside.

“He was taken into the house where they (husband and wife) were assaulted by the suspects who demanded the safe keys and money,” he said.

“The safe was opened and an undisclosed amount of money taken. They also took personal belongings and the couple's two cellphones. The couple was then tied up to chairs and the suspects fled the scene.”

Beetge added that the men arrived and fled on foot.

Shortly after the men fled, the couple managed to untie themselves and call the police.

According to police, the husband was hit over the head with a firearm during the attack and his 35-year-old wife sustained minor injuries from a struggle with the attackers.

Acting Motherwell Cluster Commander, Brigadier Lungisile Manyana said a manhunt had been launched by police.

“We are working on it and will leave no stone unturned in finding these robbers. These types of attacks on farming communities cannot be tolerated, especially in view of firearms also being carried by these criminals. We will work around the clock to bring these perpetrators to book."

Manyana added that the police’s provincial forensic crime scene unit had been brought in to comb the scene for clues.

Beegte said that they noticed with concern posts on social media that the  couple were tortured for 5 hours and hospitalised due to serious injuries sustained during the robbery.

"We wish to refute such claims and state further that the couple did not sustain serious wounds during the assault." He said. 

Police have appealed to anyone with information to  contact Captain Jerome Mackay at 076 018 0713.

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