Bus lanes causing chaos

I AM writing this letter in connection with the problems that are caused by the bus lanes in Stanford Road.

It is something that cannot be overlooked by the government, because the system that has been put in place is not working for the community.

First, the lanes are not being used for the correct reasons or the purpose they were created for. To the community it is a problem that is causing chaos in Stanford Road.

People use these lanes as an alternative in peak hours, and in the process are causing accidents and frustration. Motorists and taxis mostly use these lanes to jump traffic and force their way back in, causing a disruption.

In two weeks I know of three accidents that were caused by these lanes, among others I am not aware of.

Second, I feel the lanes have been put on the wrong side of the road. They were supposed to have been put on the left side of the road because it makes more sense if used for public transport, then people don’t have to cross the road to make use of taxis and buses.

Doors of public transport are on the left so it could cause an accident because now people get off with cars riding just next to the door.

Third, two lanes for normal traffic is not enough during peak hours. At the moment these bus lanes are not being utilised except for an alternative to jump traffic and cause accidents.

I have seen traffic officers standing in those lanes but clearly it’s not working.

Millions has already been spent on this project, with no results. One of three things will need to be done to resolve this problem:

  • Remove the lanes and carry on as normal;
  • Let the buses that were supposed to use the lanes, use the lanes, meaning the traffic lights need to be fixed or
  • Use another form of barricading that cannot be crossed.

-Renaldo Goliath, Port Elizabeth

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