New moms spend first Mother’s Day at home

First-time mom Michaela Howard is happy to celebrate her first Mother's Day at home with her baby girl, Alaia Grace Adams
PRECIOUS BUNDLE: First-time mom Michaela Howard is happy to celebrate her first Mother's Day at home with her baby girl, Alaia Grace Adams

While the outbreak of Covid-19 has unsettled the lives of people throughout the world, new mothers have also had their lives transformed by their little ones and will be celebrating their first Mother’s Day under lockdown on Sunday.

The Weekend Post asked some first-time moms how they were coping during this time.

Mihlali Netshiozwi, the mother of a 10-month-old baby boy, describes motherhood as “the scariest yet most fulfilling” experience of her life.

Though she could never have imagined her first Mother’s Day would be celebrated amid a global pandemic, she plans to enjoy it at home.

“I prefer to celebrate special occasions at home instead of going out, so I’m still going to celebrate Mother’s Day with a little pampering from daddy,” she says.

Being a new mother during this time, she says, requires a strict regime of sanitising home surfaces and washing one’s hands before touching your baby.

“We’ve stocked up on both surface and hand sanitisers and after travelling or grocery shopping I don’t come into contact with my baby unless I’ve showered and changed my clothing,” Netshiozwi says.

The ideal gift loved ones can give a new mom is some time off, especially once the lockdown is lifted, she says.

Mom to a five-month-old baby girl, Michaela Howard, agrees that “some me time to pamper yourself” is the perfect gift for first-time mothers.

“Help out as much as possible, even if it’s something as small as making a cup of tea, or holding baby while mommy takes a relaxing bath,” she said.

As demanding as motherhood can get, Howard says it’s an honour that is nearly impossible to describe.

“Motherhood is falling in love every time you look at that little face.

“I sometimes still find myself in disbelief that this is my new reality.

“It’s an honour to be responsible for raising and loving a little human being,” she said.

As she prioritises her baby’s safety, Howard will celebrate her first Mother’s Day under lockdown with her family.

“I’ve managed to keep myself and baby indoors.

“Ensuring that baby isn’t at risk of unnecessary exposure is of utmost importance to me. Her health comes first,” she said.

For mom Carla Strydom, the utmost priority is protecting her 11-month-old baby boy, who was born prematurely after a rocky pregnancy.

Since Covid-19 broke out, her family has been especially considerate of the baby before stepping outdoors, she says.

She will celebrate Mother’s Day with her small family over a braai or home-cooked meal, she says.

According to Strydom, all new moms deserve a pamper day, support and home-cooked meals — not made by them.

Having been a mom for only two weeks, Phozisa Golomba will spend her first Mother’s Day doting over her baby boy at home.

A healthy and happy baby is the perfect gift, she says.