Tired of graft? Down a cold draught

The Richmond Hill Brewery Company’s Andrea Deyzel and Craig Falconer say micro breweries are all the rage
The Richmond Hill Brewery Company’s Andrea Deyzel and Craig Falconer say micro breweries are all the rage
Image: Fredlin Adriaan

Nelson Mandela Bay beer enthusiasts are being invited to enjoy a draught after a hard day’s graft, with a variety of craft beers and gin offered by establishments in the metro.

Owners of micro breweries, along with the city's tourism department, have invited locals to also enjoy the tastes of the city on their beer tours.

The tours, which have so far been popular among foreign tourists, are available through tour operators.

Micro breweries in the metro include Bridge Street Brewery, Beer Yard, Beer Shack, Company Social Brasserie, Dockside Brewery, Richmond Hill Brewery Company and the Bru Bar.

Economic development, tourism and agriculture executive director Anele Qaba said it was looking to encourage the establishment of more micro breweries.

“The new trend in tourism is for authentic and immersive tourism experiences,” he said.

“Visitors now have an opportunity not to just drink a beer in one venue but explore multiple venues around town, drinking a wide variety of beer and see and take part in how it is manufactured.”

This also gave the visitor the opportunity to experience night life.

He said the craft beer scene, much like the coffee scene, continued to gain popularity.

“Most restaurants and liquor shops now also sell the craft beers and they have become a popular gift item.

“Partnering the craft beer with other experiences such as food pairings further enhances the experience and thus the attractiveness of the destination.”

He said the city aimed to encourage the establishment of more micro breweries through the department’s marketing support for products.

The support includes facilitating trade engagements with operators in the Bay to include the tours in their packages.

One such tour is the “authentic craft beer tour” offered by Into Tours.

On the tour, patrons can experience breweries in the Baakens Valley, taste and sample a range of craft beers as well as food and get transport to and from the Baakens Valley.

Richmond Hill Brewing Company owner Niall Cook said the brewery offered a variety of craft beer and gin. The company primarily produced beer, tonic waters, gin and alcoholic lemonade.

“We have an open-plan setup where visitors can watch the hops as it boils, and also get to see the brewery from our tap room,” Cook said.

“You can sit in the tap room and watch the guy working in the brewery. This means you can get to smell the aromas.”

While at the brewing company, visitors can enjoy a gourmet burger at the restaurants in the area.

Cook said the six craft beers brewed at the Richmond Hill Brewing Company were made from American hops, which gave off hints of a tropical and fruity taste. He said they hoped they could draw more local people to the authentic micro brewery experience.

“Currently we get a lot of foreign tourists who visit us through tour operators.

“A lot of our regulars like to keep the spot as an exclusive spot. We would like to see more people from Port Elizabeth come through.”


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