Succulents galore at Vetplantfees

Calitzdorp is holding a succulent festival in the spring
Calitzdorp is holding a succulent festival in the spring
Image: Supplied

The Vetplantfees – Succulent Festival – will be held in Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo on September 21 and 22.

The annual festival, hosted by the Calitzdorp Succulent Society, will showcase many of South Africa’s beautiful and rare succulents together with succulents from all over the world.

Calitzdorp Succulent Society chair Buck Hemenway said the festival would give visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a range of activities.

It takes place in a region where many of the plants, endemic to SA, can be seen in their natural environment.

Whether you live in Calitzdorp, or are visiting from Nelson Mandela Bay or farther afield, this is a chance to see indigenous and rare succulents in their natural habitat, Hemenway said.

Visitors can also buy specimens not available in nurseries and get advice on how to propagate, grow and care for succulents in the garden.

The festival will include:

  • Veld walks led by local guides;
  • A potted plant market hosted by growers;
  • Educational talks by succulent experts;
  • “How To” workshops;
  • Original plant pots for sale;
  • Succulent plant exhibition;
  • Botanical art exhibition;
  • Botanical art sold by artists;
  • A rare plant auction;
  • Activities for children;
  • Keynote dinner featuring the world movie premiere of Survival of the Fattest.

Entrance to the festival is free. Information about the festival will be made available on the website of the Calitzdorp Succulent Society at