Musos of accomplished feather folk together

The Folk Collective is, from left, Moorrees van Aarde, John Dickin, Ants Keogh and Al Gillies
The Folk Collective is, from left, Moorrees van Aarde, John Dickin, Ants Keogh and Al Gillies
Image: Supplied

The Folk Collective, made up of some of the Bay’s most experienced musicians, will perform songs by folk heroes, such as Bob Dylan and Crosby Stills and Nash, and give fresh interpretation to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman and Van Morrison, in a concert at The Music Kitchen, in Newton Park next week.

The Folk Collective is made up of Ants Keogh, John Dickin, Moorrees van Aarde and Al Gillies, who have put together a repertoire of well-known folk songs – and also some less well known, but equally memorable ones.

There will also be a strong acoustic blues inclusion of songs from the likes of Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker at the performance on Friday May 3.

The four musicians, all accomplished in their own right, will play a variety of acoustic instruments and offer a collage of harmonies with their vocals.

Keogh, Dickin, Van Aarde and Gillies have been particularly prominent in the Four Winds Music Club over many years, and have teamed up with various other musos in the past to promote shows and do recording.

Keogh is a seasoned folk guitarist and harmonica player who has done some impressive recording in the gospel genre.

Folk guitarist and percussionist Dickin has teamed up with well-known performers, such as Dave Goldblum and been prominent in several Centrestage productions, as well as doing some recording. He has also done back-up on percussion for Robin Auld in several concerts.

Van Aarde, a multi-instrumentalist, says his main passion is the “keys” – piano and keyboard – but he also plays the guitar and harp with skill.

Gillies has been associated with the Four Winds Folk Club for years and is the current chair. He is a talented instrumentalist, playing the guitar, mandolin and, on occasion, a simple form of the banjo.

He teamed up with various musicians to form bands, such as Autumn Breeze (with Keogh) Boondoks, and the (Coffin ) Dodgers, and recorded some tunes on a folk club compilation of original music in the late-1990s.

Gillies has been involved with shows, such as Tribute to the Byrds, Tribute to Crosby Stills and Nash, and also Bob Dylan and the 27’s Club themed shows with Keogh and Van Aarde.

The concert starts at 7.30pm at the Music Kitchen at 69 Mangold Street. Tickets are R100 a person and meals by the Wildside Craft Meat and Deli will be available for purchase.

Bookings: Ian, 072-994-5096 or Alasdair, 083-656-1166.