Add ginger for an all-season whisky cocktail

Ginger whip cocktail made with Three Ships Whisky
Ginger whip cocktail made with Three Ships Whisky
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Whisky is a drink that can be enjoyed no matter the season, time of day or company. However, if you’re tired of having it neat or with soda, why not put it to innovative use in a cocktail for a different taste sensation altogether?

Three Ships Whisky five-year-old Premium Select, crafted at the James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington in the Cape, is a good base for making easy, uncomplicated yet delicious cocktails.

This whisky is a blend of grain and malt distilled in both column and pot stills.

Inspired by the iconic Islay malts from Scotland, this smoky, yet fruity whisky is matured for at least five years in American oak casks before being blended and bottled.

It is described as robust with aromatic smoke, crisp oak and shortbread on the nose.

Ripe pears with a spiciness in the background and a powerful peatiness are said to fill the mouth, leading to a smooth and lingering, peaty finish.The whisky’s fruitiness with spice compliments a variety of soft drinks but an ideal match is ginger beer.

The slight sweetness of the mixer mellows the peaty-character of the whisky, delivering a combination of sweet, spice and smoke.

Try this quick and easy cocktail:



25ml Three Ships Whisky five-year-old Premium Select

200ml ginger beer

3 drops of Angostura bitters


Simply pour all the ingredients together, add large blocks of ice and a mint sprig, and enjoy.