Solly Msimanga promises a job for every household if he becomes Gauteng premier

Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga addresses a gathering of the DA at WF Nkomo Street moments before a council meeting where he faces a motion of no confidence on August 30 2018.
Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga addresses a gathering of the DA at WF Nkomo Street moments before a council meeting where he faces a motion of no confidence on August 30 2018.
Image: Thapelo Morebudi

The DA is pinning its hopes on winning Gauteng with the promise of creating a "golden opportunity province" with a thriving economy, a job in every household, speeding up service delivery and ending corruption.

The DA’s premier candidate for the province, Solly Msimanga, on Saturday delivered the party’s plan for the economic hub of South Africa in Atteridgeville, Tshwane.

Msimanga said despite the province's potential, it was being held back by corruption, mismanagement and maladministration which he attributed to the governing ANC.

He said the DA’s plan to eliminate corruption in the province included creating an anti-corruption unit and establishing a commission of state capture in Gauteng.

"We want to eliminate the corruption which oppresses all South Africans. Every cent of public money should be allocated in a fair and efficient manner so that people are able to access services which promote their health, dignity and ability to realise their full potential.

"Firing corrupt officials and blacklisting them from future public employment, implementing a transparent and accountable tender system and procurement process," Msimanga said. 

The DA in Gauteng also plans to promote skills for jobs and apprenticeship programmes for young people to gain valuable skills and work experience.

"We will also provide space for informal traders to conduct business and support the development of new CBDs in Soweto, Tembisa, and Mamelodi, along with business nodes in viable locations," he said.

Msimanga urged the people of Gauteng to vote for the DA which he said would "tackle housing backlogs, implement high quality transport systems, improve the quality of education and provide a person-centred quality health care".

"We want to ensure that learners are taught in safe, well equipped classrooms. No learner should leave the critical foundation phase without mastering reading, writing and maths. Learners in later grades should achieve a 50 percent pass, not 30 percent," he said.

He said Gauteng would adopt the Western Cape model of land reform "which has seen a 63 percent success rate against the national rate of 8 percent".

"The DA will establish a prosperity opportunity fund to release government property to suitable beneficiaries, develop an upgrade plan for each informal settlement in Gauteng which provides residents with security of tenure and implement a rapid upgrade for all hostels," Msimanga explained.

The DA’s plan for a "cost effective and dependable" public transport system included improving road maintenance, introducing a comprehensive integrated transport system and an upgrade for the Metrorail system to ensure a safe and reliable system for all passengers.

Msimanga also reiterated the party’s stance on immigration and "porous borders" and added that the DA would seek to recoup hospital and school costs from foreign embassies and push for deductions from the SADC customs union.

"Gauteng’s population has more than doubled since 1994 with an annual in-migration of 300,000 people.

"Immigration laws must be firmly enforced so that illegal immigrants are deported and all immigrants are properly documented," he said.

He said the DA would promote programmes to attract immigrants with scarce skills, push for the prevention of illegal immigration and deport those who entered the country illegally.

"By voting and giving us your support, the DA will be in a better position to effect greater change in Gauteng when we take over government of the province," he said.