Temporary services plan

People at an information session have been told temporary services will be installed in some illegally invaded areas
People at an information session have been told temporary services will be installed in some illegally invaded areas

Walking long distances to get water and using bucket toilets could soon be a thing of the past for hundreds of residents who invaded land illegally in Motherwell and Wells Estate.

The Nelson Mandela Bay municipality is ready to install communal taps in Elephant Park in Wells Estate, Nomakanjani in Kamvelihle, Colchester and Mandela Village, the city’s infrastructure and engineering portfolio head Andile Lungisa announced on Friday.

He spoke during an information session with residents.

Lungisa said the plan was to put in place temporary measures such as passages between shacks while people waited for relocation. The municipality would also ensure that refuse was collected as soon as streets had been identified.

Lungisa, flanked by Motherwell ward councillors and ward committee members and the EFF’s Zilindile Vena, said the plan was to ensure that residents who had illegally invaded land and were later evicted by the municipality had settled in on their plots.

Lungisa said he was concerned that residents who had built their shacks under electricity poles would not be able to get a legal electricity connection.

“We want to find a comprehensive approach so people can settle in properly. The reality is that there is no money to build houses and that is why we are bringing these temporary measures while people wait,” Lungisa said.

Water and sanitation director Barry Martin said it would install the communal taps as soon as possible.

“Budget is available. We will install communal taps at all the identified areas,” Martin said.

On the matter of installing toilets, Martin said it would be guided by the human settlements department. Roads and transport officials along with waste management also said they would await guidance from human settlements.

Human settlements portfolio head Andile Mfunda was not at the meeting.

A meeting between the various departments set for Tuesday will determine the way forward on sanitation, refuse collection and paving roads.

Residents questioned when the municipality would actually implement the plans.

Qulaka Mlungwana of Kamvelihle said he was worried that some shacks would have to be moved.