Kings chasing pot of gold

Kings chief operating officer Charl Crous and Kings coach Deon Davids
Kings chief operating officer Charl Crous and Kings coach Deon Davids
Image: HeraldLIVE

Without warning, a rainbow has burst through the dark storm clouds that have been hanging over the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

In popular folklore it is said a mythical leprechaun can be found at the end of rainbows with a pot of gold.

After the general mood of pessimism that has haunted the Southern Kings, fans will be tempted to believe even this leprechaun myth.

The virtual shutdown of communications over the past few weeks left dissatisfied fans wondering whether their franchise was still functioning.

After announcing a squad of 29 players seven weeks ago, the recruitment process ground to a halt.

Now, at long last, there has been an explanation about what the Kings have been concocting behind the scenes.

A potential sponsor, holding a pot of gold, is talking to the Kings. Why this news could not have been relayed earlier is puzzling, but at least some light has been shone on the goingson in the Kings boardroom. Kings chief operating officer Charl Crous broke his silence this week to announce talks were under way between the Kings and a sponsor.

Because of these negotiations, which are being held in conjunction with SA Rugby, the contracting of new players had become difficult, Crous said.

“It is a process we have to work through, and while it is frustrating at certain levels it has long-term benefits for the franchise,” Crous said.

He also said he did not want to create unrealistic expectations among supporters.

“Naturally this is not the best scenario, but this time we at least have a nucleus of players that have been training with our coach Deon Davids.”

With the new season set to kick off in little more than a month, Crous says all parties are aware of the urgency of the sponsorship talks.

One can only imagine the frustration, Davids is going through as he awaits new recruits. Even before the final shots of last season were fired, Davids said he needed to sign four of or five big-name players to boost his team.

The coach has often said things regarding recruitment were not happening as quickly as he would have liked.

Davids will again have been annoyed by the lack of progress in providing him more players to work with in pre-season training.

It is believed a meeting between Crous and the players will be held this week to explain the situation the franchise finds itself in.

Kings supporters have heard talks of potential sponsors before, so the more cynical among them will greet this sponsorship news with caution. And they are right to do so after so many previous letd owns.

At least, though, there has been a belated explanation as to what has been brewing behind closed doors. However, as has been the case for so many seasons, the Kings will be left playing catchup with rivals who have enjoyed a more stable pre-season.

Evidently players have been lined up pending the sponsorship deal, and are ready to head for the Bay at short notice.

Now the Kings must find that elusive leprechaun with his pot of gold coins.