Alleged drunk driver collides into police vehicle

Image: Supplied

Two police officials were injured when an alleged drunk driver collided into their vehicle and then through the boundary wall of a house at 2am on Saturday morning.

Jeanine Colborne, 24, was arrested on the scene for drunk driving as well as reckless and negligent driving.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said that the woman allegedly jumped the stop street at Mill Park Road and College Drive in Mill Park.

“The members were patrolling when the suspect allegedly jumped the stop street at the intersection. The woman’s Ford Ranger bakkie collided with the police vehicle. The Ford Ranger then went through the perimeter wall of a house near the intersection.”

Naidu said that both police officials were taken to Hospital.

“The one police official sustained a broken shoulder and the other a gash on the head as well as cuts and bruises,” she said.

Colborne was treated for shock on the scene and arrested.

Both the police vehicle and the Ranger sustained significant damage in the crash.

By late Saturday morning, Colborne was released on R1000 bail and warned to appear in the Port Elizabeth Magistrates Court on December 20.

Naidu said that the reason for her court appearance being late December was to allow time for the blood results to come back from the laboratory.